Hello and welcome to Custom Lights. First we want to introduce ourselves. We are only a 2 man company, placed in the small town of Lörrach in the South-West of Germany close to the Swiss boarder. Check out the map to see where we realize high quality premium products for your cars.
One guy is responsible for all the development, testing and production and the other guy is doing all the sales stuff. We started with an idea on a message board, that we brought to life. You can read the full story below.
We dont want to sell overpriced products. Thats why we dont use special painted boxes to pack our products, or spend hundred of dollars for advertisement.
Anyway we deliver you high quality products. We pack our products in ESD safe bags and use boxes that meet the international standard to ensure that you receive your ordered products in full working condition.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

The full story ...

Text?An idea was born

The thought of sequential tail lights for a 7th Generation (2011-2014) Dodge Charger was just as simple as an idea or thought in the latter part of 2012 and early 2013 on a Charger message board.
"COULD IT HAPPEN???" many asked.
With a little bit of work and the understanding of what needed to happen, one member of the team living in Germany (far away from the key market) sprang into action to start developing the schematics for the new tail lights. Every member of the message board was able to post his state of imaginations and requirements.
Pretty fast we realized, that there is not a common immagination of how the lights should look.
"The 7 step looks best in my humble opinion."
"Im all over that 3 step one!""
"Im more with the 7 step. Looks a lot smoother to me."
"Make it 4!"
"Slow them down"
With this discussion we gained useful information for our final product. The most important things for the customers:
- Select the steps of the sequential effect
- Switch between a fast and a slow sequential effect
- And a really important thing: NO sequential effect for the brake lights!!!
With all this information a prototype was built.

Text?The first prototype

Taking the understanding of electronics and a shear passion for wanting to bring this product to light for everyone the R&D started and things came together pretty quickly.It really looks different to the product most of our customers put in their car, but this is how we started this project. With initial testing starting in May and running through June of 2013, we had to work bugs out and get the timing down just right for it to look just right. We realized that we had to improve the wiring for the customer. Also an easy replacement was a must have in case there is any problem. We tried a lot of different connectors and finally we found a solution that looked just perfect for our needs. Each day the members of the message board asked for pictures and videos and we kept them updated.

Text?The finished Product

The day came, 22 July 2013 was the install day of this product; it was absolutely fabulous and it all worked just like it needed to. The first sets went on sale in September of 2013 and we havent looked back since. With just about 2 years from initial thought and to where we are now, we have learned a lot about what customers want and what they expect out of a product. We also want to let everybody know what "customer service" means at custom lights. This is an electronic product so of course there also might be a problem, but we have send out new kits to each customer who had a problem. With 86 sets world-wide we want to please the customer and give you what you ask for.


As we move into a new year, we have decided to change a few things on the 1st generation PCBs and go with a sleeker design and improve on an already great product. We plan to bring this new product to light mid of March depending on how well final testing goes. We took a lot of suggestion from customers and made the changes that many wanted to see. One major improvement is the ability to change the sequential effect whenever you want, because the switch to change between the different modes is seperated from the tail lights and is mounted in the trunk. Also the wiring has been improved a lot. We are very thankful for all the support that everyone has provided to us and we look forward to what the future will bring for us and everyone out there!!!

Here is a map of sets we sold in the United States (February 2015)

7 sets sold in Canada